17 Jan

This Is Us

Are you also obsessed with This Is Us? Did you watch last week’s episode “The Fifth Wheel”? It was a lot to take in on many levels. I was relieved the writers used the words “food and addiction” when describing Kate. I even yelled “THANK YOU” at the tv. She is a wonderful character and […]

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14 Jan

FAQs-What Do I Do Day 2

You have someone to be accountable to when you do not stick to the food and exercise plan. To lovingly remind you that you do not really want the milkshake more than you want to meet your weight goal. There are a lot of ways one can lose weight, but don’t you want to move […]

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13 Jan

FAQs-What Do I Do?

FAQs continued… What Do I Do? Working together, we figure out how you will get through the stressful visit with your parents without drowning in a sea of sugar. I research which local grocery stores can deliver fresh fruits and vegetables and how far away a local gym would be and if Uber could take […]

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12 Jan

FAQs-What Do I Do When I Workout??

It honestly depends on how I feel. Lately I have been in love with Orange Theory Fitness, and CST50. I typically do a HIIT class 4x a week, and Pilates 2-3 times a week. Most weeks I take at least one day a week off, or at least do some light cardio to take the […]

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10 Jan

FAQ-“How much do you workout?”

This is a fairly common question for a few reasons. a) There is a still a misconception exercise is as important as diet, so it is often assumed I must exercise obsessively to maintain my current body weight as it is the lowest I have weighed as an adult. b) I have taught group exercise […]

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