Something is Fishy about our Fish

I am the type of person who could eat fish 5 days a week and not ever get sick of it. However, if it always the best thing to eat?

Pescatarians, which is a way of classifying those who eat fish but not meat. They see many of the benefits “Vegetarians do such as being more likely to eat a larger variety of vegetables, but with high amounts of omega 3s and other nutrients sources in the form of fish”(1 Hour Athlete).

Eating fish is a great choice if we

1) Are aware of where are fish are coming from. Many of the oceans internationally are polluted, we do not want such chemicals to enter our body. Pregnant women and children need to be very aware of pollutants. Also, the fattier the fish such as salmon or mackeral, the more pollutants it can store. To limit your exposure to these pollutants, it is recommended that you limit your intake of these fish. Recommendations vary for different groups. Women and teens who are pregnant or who can become pregnant should have no more than two servings a week, with one serving equaling 5 ounces, and men, children and women who cannot become pregnant should limit their intake to no more than four servings a week. ( Livestrong)

2)Find out which fish are on the sustainability watch list and eat accordingly. Ask the question : Do you sell Sustainable Seafood? By asking important question at your grocery store or restaurant, you can help shape the demand for, and ultimately supply of, fish that’s been caught or farmed in environmentally sustainable ways. Consumers play an important role in shaping ocean health, so start making a difference today!

3) Figure out your food budget. Fish can be rather expensive ounce for ounce compared to other animal protein sources. What about tofu, tempeh or black beans? All are reasonable and healthy alternatives to fresh salmon which can put a pretty big dent in your wallet day after day.

Being a pescatarian is a great way to have the best of both worlds. Just remember to be mindful of a few things when you go to your local market or restaurant.

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