40 Risks Everyone Should Take Before Turning 40

So this happened…

I was quoted in Readers Digest as a source on getting rid of toxic people from our lives, no matter who they are.

Sometimes it is an easy fix such as a new boyfriend, or someone you just met at playgroup.

Other times, you realize it’s someone you have known forever and it’s challenging to disentangle yourself from those relationships.

What does this have to do with wellness and living our best life? I’m glad you asked (I encourage you all to read the entire article as many of my colleagues were used as sources) it has everything.

When we acknowledge a relationship no longer serves us and letting it go with love can be the best form of self care in the world.

It can be incredibly painful when it is your childhood best friend, but if every time you see her it brings you down and the relationship has dissolved to nothing but mind games, it’s time to move on.

When we move on, much like when we clean out our closet, we can make space for people who are meant to be there now. Now, don’t rush out and will someone else to be the friend you thought you had. If you are patient and hold the space open for the right person, they will appear. They always do. Life is good like that.

When we use food to manage our feelings or we hide eat instead of feeling uncomfortable or sad over the loss of a relationship, it isn’t healthy for our wellbeing.

I had a friendship I held on to for years too long where I was doing the majority of the calling, emailing and making arrangements to visit. I would get off the phone or come back from the airport and feel a bit unsettled, but I wouldn’t let myself listen to that voice, the voice that knew this wasn’t working. It wasn’t until I stopped and listened to myself, that I knew what to do.

The best way we can honor our relationship with ourselves is by being honest with what is working in our lives and what isn’t, and have the courage to change it.



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