A Brain Hijacked

Growing up in the 1970s, I aspired to be Wonder Woman, the mirror image of the Lynda Carter
version from the show. I had the Underoos, the golden bracelets, even the action figures. I felt a
little bit annoyed at how often Steve Trevor got himself kidnapped, I mean honestly! Couldn’t he
stay out of trouble??

The thing with Wonder Woman is she doesn’t have a mortal enemy or anything she cannot
conquer as she is perfect in every way. In the most recent movie, Wonder Woman starting Gal
Gadot, nothing can keep Wonder Woman down for long. She is unstoppable. Sure, she might get
thrown around a little by the bad guys, but she always perseveres. Nothing gets in her way for
long, and she has the best accessories.

However, I can relate to a different member of the Justice League. It is not Aquaman because I
can not breathe underwater and I do not have Jason Mamoa’s rocking blue eyes. I can not even
talk about Ben Affleck’s Batman… I have learned I have something in common with Superman.
I was not born light years away and sent to Earth as an infant; however, there is a substance I
cannot tolerate – it is my weakness or my personal kryptonite. It is high-fructose corn syrup
(HFCS). It is the main ingredient in licorice. It makes me want to eat it once it is out of my
system because the little genetic markers are lying in my fat cells demanding to be fed. My best
course of action is to stay the heck away from all of it together. I can only make this decision
when my brain is not under the influence of sugar. When I have sugar in control of my decisions,

I make awful food choices. It is not a moral failing, it is a fact. Knowing the more sugar we eat,
there sugar we will eat tomorrow, the Holidays eating can quickly get out of control as we head
towards Christmas.

As we head into the Holidays now with December officially being here, what if we were to stay
away from sugar this weekend? Would the lights of the Christmas tree not be as bright? The
Christmas cards might get done a little quicker without the sugar brain fog. Our skin will be
brighter if we do not have a rollercoaster of blood sugar readings leading to breakouts. We will
sleep better since our brain can truly shut off when it is time to sleep. I am not a superhero
officially, but being able to think, look and sleep better sounds like a superpower to me!


Tomorrow’s Topic: You can’t always get what you want

If you have any questions, comments or concerns about Wonder Woman, Superman or how to get Healthy
this Holiday Seasons, feel free to contact me. If you still haven’t gotten your copy of “Why Can’t I Stick
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