Erin is a Holistic Health Coach, Certified Life and Weight Loss Coach, Food Addiction Counselor, and author of the upcoming “Why Can’t I Stick To My Diet?” Due in bookstores on December 18th, the book is currently available for pre-order on Amazon and at

Originally from the West Coast, Erin graduated from the University of Oregon for her Undergraduate degree and Hawaii Pacific University for Graduate School. After graduation, she worked in Human Resources in NYC for many years. Once her daughter was born, Erin and her husband moved to the suburbs, and she decided to transform her lifelong passion for Health and Fitness into the start of a new career. In addition to Erin’s many accomplishments, she is a Star Three Spinning Instructor through Madd Dogg, Classical Pilates with Physical Mind Institute, 200 HR Vinyasa RYT and TRX.

After realizing her lifelong struggle with her weight wasn’t due to a lack of exercise, but her food and more importantly the emotions she wasn’t dealing with that lead to the food, Erin began a quest.

This journey led her to become an Integrated Health Coach. After learning that she herself was addicted to Sugar and Artificial Sweetener, Erin detoxed herself and then became one of the world’s first Food Addition Counselors. In doing so, she traveled as far as Iceland to complete her training.

It was at this point that Erin decided to write her book “Why Can’t I Stick To My Diet” because she had been asking herself that question for decades and it was the wrong question! It wasn’t until Erin realized to take her knowledge of Health Coaching and Food Addiction together in her book she could help so many more people end emotional eating and stop yo-yo dieting and learn to eat right once and for all.

Erin’s book was launched on Amazon in November of 2017 and it instantly went to #1 in many 4 categories in America alone. When it came time to get a forward for her traditional book, Erin secured one from world-renowned Health and Wellness legend, JJ Virgin. Erin will be a featured guest on JJ’s podcast in December of 2018.

Life coaching was of great interest to Erin, and in order to pursue that passion, she sought formal training to add more value to her clients. In August of 2018, she completed her Life Coaching and Weight Loss Certification program with The Life School founded by Brooke Castillo. Erin was then accepted into a 6 months additional coaching program called “Applied Coaching Track,” where she is learning how to become an even better Life and Weight Loss Coach.

As a Holistic Health Coach, it is Erin’s big hairy audacious goal is to change the dialogue around how we look at weight loss. It is not a matter of being it Ketosis or Food Swaps but the feelings we have that we are avoiding by overeating. Why are so many of us not tackling the real issues we have? It is easier and safer to obsess over the latest diet fad. Whether it be with our job, or our Mom, boyfriend, politics… until we address how we manage our feelings in the world, we are not going To.

In her role as a Certified Life and Weight Loss Coach, it is Erin’s goal to… She feels no greater satisfaction than when seeing a client make the connection between their emotions and their past failed diets. One of her current clients said “Erin has helped me take away the emotions out of my nutrition plan. I no longer eat to kill time, to celebrate or commiserate. I eat to fuel my body. She’s taught me to plan my nutritional needs according to the task/work ahead of me”.

As a Food Addiction Counselor, Erin strives to help her clients rid themselves of the food drama that has surrounded them their entire lives.

Through her book, “Why Can’t I Stick To My Diet?”, Erin has touched hundreds (thousands?) of lives by being raw and real about why diets don’t work and the food lies we all tell ourselves. Insert review or two from Amazon.

Erin has recently been featured in a variety of media outlets, including the Huffington Post, Elite Daily, Readers Digest, The Mighty, KUSI-TV, Real Health, Best Life, and many more. She is a frequent guest on podcasts and loves speaking to groups both large and small.

When she is not assisting her clients in achieving their goals, Erin likes to surf, spend time with her family and pets.