Alcohol and the Holidays Day 1

Alcohol over the Holidays can be super tempting, however, our bodies do not know it is December and cannot
give us a free pass since while we Fa La La. With all of the Work Parties, Holiday Dinners, and Moms
Nights Out, having a strategy for indulging smartly is the best and only way I have found to be able to
have my fun and feel great in the morning. Oh, and fitting in my skinny jeans is my idea of fun as well!!

A few tips and technique for the trade I have learned:
1. Prior to indulging be sure to eat plenty protein and fat. Do not skip meals leading up to cocktail hour,
this is always a bad idea. It is so tempting due to the dominant dieting culture where we “bank”
calories for later on in the day. If we do not eat properly prior to drinking, our bodies will absorb the
alcohol way too quickly. Let’s face it who really wants to be the cautionary tale of why not to drink at
the PTA Holiday party?? Instead, be sure to eat normally during the day and drink plenty of water
prior to Happy Hour.

2. Stay away from drinks with a lot of mixers, ice creams and or whipped creams. These are caloric and
fat bombs. The more sugar in a drink, the more your head will hurt the next day. The usual rule of
thumb is the darker a drink, the more sugar it has in it. Visualize rum vs. vodka. Whipped cream or
syrups will spike your blood sugar even quicker than just the alcohol

3. Our body can only read Macronutrients. Alcohol is processed as fast-acting carbohydrates aka sugar.
Sugar wants more sugar. The morning after drinks, you will have cravings for sugar. These are not
mandates from your body, these are signs you had ingested a bunch of Sugar and it is doing what
Sugar has been modified to do. Ignore this. Get back to eating as normally as possible, as quickly as

Tomorrow, my signature ways to enjoy cocktails the Healthy Way.



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