Alcohol Over The Holidays- Day Three

My high school reunion in 2103, and last month at the Lady Gaga concert. Those were the last two times I
had more than 1 cocktail at an event. So more than 4 years had passed between occasions. Four
Christmases, Birthdays, New Years’s and so on…and yet I had would nurse white wine spritzer with tons
of ice.

This wasn’t difficult for me most of the time. Alcohol was never my thing, sugar was my one true love,
and Diet Coke my BFF. So why would I need to drink? It would just have made me fat and then I could
not get up the next morning and work out, or so I told myself.

For those of us who chose not to drink at a social event for whatever the reason, it can be weird at certain
times. The worst is when you are out to dinner and the bottles are flowing and they want to split the check
equally. To speak up and say “Hey, I didn’t have a drop of Veuve de Cliquot, so can someone good at
math figure this one out?” Isn’t always super comfortable.

When I was asked why I was not drinking. My answer was usually “It isn’t my thing” which was true, or
‘I have to get up tomorrow at 5 am to teach Spin”, also the truth in that up until recently I taught an early
morning Friday class, so Thursday nights were out.

No matter why you do not drink, own your choice. Choosing Health and listening to your body is never
the wrong call.

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