Alcohol Over The Holidays- Day Two

Alcohol over the Holidays can be super tempting, however, our bodies do not know it is December and cannot
give us a free pass since while we Fa La La. With all of the Work Parties, Holiday Dinners, and Moms
Nights Out, having a strategy for indulging smartly is the best and only way I have found to be able to
have my fun and feel great in the morning. Oh, and fitting in my jeans is my idea of fun as well!!

A few tips and technique of the trade I have learned from years of having to get up at 5 am the day after a
party to teach a spin class or not wanting to drink because I didn’t want to have all the Sugar getting to my
brain or choosing to drink a little but still needing to find a workaround.

1) Seltzer is my drinking partner, my wing woman, Goose to my Maverick for those of this of you old
enough to know about Top Gun. White white spritzers, heavy on the spritzer light on the wine with
tons of ice can last a long time. Filling a wine glass with seltzer and a lot of ice looks just like a
spritzer, and it isn’t as if it really matters to anyone else.
2) Go for clear alcohol such as gin and vodka, versus darker ones such as rum and bourbon as they tend
to have higher sugar content. Many people swear by Tito’s. I have not had enough of it to vouch for it,
but it is made from corn and is gluten-free. It will still get you rather drunk quickly, so it is by no
means free.
3) Shots are never, ever a good idea. No matter how cute the person at the end of the bar is. Or how
persuasive you friends are, stay away! I have yet to wake up in the morning and regretted not having
another rough of Patron at 2 a.m.

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