August 2018

What a month it was!

Not sure if it was because of the astrological occurrences, my birthday plus two business trips to the West Coast and a family vacation, my kids were home from summer camp and all the day camps in town are all expired, the crazy world events, the deaths of two larger than life American Icons, passing my Life Coaching Certification, hitting some personal and professional goals, an appearance of live television, my birthday or a combination of all of these or something else entirely.

No matter how you slice it, it was a doozy.

Even with the cross country trips, I simply couldn’t catch up on sleep. I wasn’t very hungry and had to make myself get back to my usual routines.

I kept having miscommunication with friends and family members, I was losing things, everything felt harder and more difficult than it should.

I found myself questioning my own abilities like I never have before

It was ugly.

I felt untethered, emotional and generally off for the first 75% of the month until I got to Malibu and realized what all the pain was about.

I was in the middle of a major shift which is never pretty.

I went to Malibu for a Ladies Mastermind focusing on Spiritual based Entrepreneurs hosted by the amazing Cameo Gore Mucha and Suzanne Adams.

I had a bunch of things to work through, not all business related, some were personal, some spiritual and others a combination of all three. To me they can not be compartmentalized. I am not just one thing.

I was able to spend time with like minded women who got where I was coming from and held me accountable for my nonsense, questioned what I was doing and accepted me just the same.

They held the space for me to figure out where I should go next and that is ok to not have all the answers all the time.

We laughed, we cried and we surfed.

I walked away inspired and ignited for my next big shift, and a little more prepared that it will won’t be as scary next time.

Much like any stage of growth it was confusing at first.

I taught swim lessons for years, and when a small child is first learning how to be water safe, it didn’t look like anything resembling freestyle at first, but in time, it did.

During the process, not so much. In fact, it could look like a little like drowning.

As I woke up this morning and it was September, I felt a sense of relief and a touch of sadness that my shift was over.

Now, I get to take my new self out for a test drive!!!

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