Avoiding The Christmas Crazies Day 2

The Holidays can be a stress fess. Right around this time, things can start to feel a little
overwhelming. The demands on our time become bigger, life is still going on as usual and the
kids are not out for Holiday break. Lacrosse practice and Spanish tests need to fit in around the
work party, I have to see the dentist on Tuesday and the Christmas cards still need to get out. The
dog needs to go to the vet to get her shots, I have a round of edits due to my publisher and the
kids want to go to Manhattan to see the Rockettes. When will it end!?

Yesterday, we talked about making sure we get enough exercise for stress management and to
connect with our bodies. Today our focus is on Sleep.

Sleep is our body’s foundation and it is when our body and mind can recharge for the next day.
Do not shortchange it just so you can wrap a few more presents, that’s what gift bags are for!!
The more sleep we get, the more likely we are to not snap at someone in the parking lot at the
mall, or to not growl at the person in front of us at the Post Office when they do not have any of
their forms filled out despite the 3 signs stating they needed to before they got into line. Sleep
will protect you from grabbing a red and green doughnut when you pop into Dunkin Doughnuts
for tea and not panicking when you realize you haven’t moved the Elf on the Shelf in three days.

1. Be sure to go to bed on time or early if at all possible. Turn off all your devices an hour
before you want to be asleep. Do not have an iPad on your lap while in bed, you will not

sleep as soundly as if you were read a traditional book. I will go to our local library and
borrow the latest blockbusters and find myself sleeping so much better than if I was to read
off of a device.
2. Cut out all caffeine after lunch and do not eat closer than three hours before you want to be
asleep. I have made this mistake many times and eaten too close to when I should be going
to sleep, and the next thing I know, it is an hour past when I want to be asleep and then
another hour. Then my mind will start to obsess about how tired I will be tomorrow since I
will have only gotten X amount of sleep. Things can quickly spiral out of control when we
are overtired. In addition, do not try and get a quick workout too close to your desired
bedtime, it will mess with your ability to go to sleep when you are hoping to. Take a warm
bath before bed and avoid super stimulating tv too close to bedtime, which isn’t going to be
hard as in Game of Thrones is delayed another 25 years!!!
3. Journal. Each night before you go to bed write down everything you accomplished today and
what three things are grateful for. Let’s keep the focus on all we have done and all we have.
Writing down our frustrations will help us feel calmer and increase our ability to stay in the
present. Journaling will help you prioritize for tomorrow and solve problems more
effectively. Writing down our thoughts, and not editing will help us quickly reconnect with
our internal selves. (I will go into the benefits of Journaling more extensively after

The more sleep we can bank away during the Holidays, the better all of our life will be.



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