Be ready SUMMER is HERE!

Summer is here!

Don’t you want to feel fabulous in your own skin for once and for all? Be done with dieting? The cleanses, detoxes and not being certain what will fit in your closet?

I am doing a Special Summer Series focusing on the real reason we gain and lose, not carbs, but our EMOTIONS!Sure, food must be addressed. Once we get a handle on why we eat when aren’t hungry or don’t stop when we are full. Food can be looked at simply as fuel, not entertainment, fun or a friend.

Starting June 4th:
✔️6 at home modules
✔️Shopping Lists
✔️Food Plans
✔️Private FB group
✔️Signed copy of my book “Why Can’t I Stick To My Diet” this can not be found in stores
✔️Moderated Group weekly one hour Zoom call with yours truly
✔️3 Private thirty minute one on one calls with me

This is a $5000 value, but I am offering it at $499 since it is the Summer and I remember how much I used to dread not feeling fabulous.

To sign up or for more info, email me at

Be sure to include EEE in the subject line and I will send you the signup information.

Space is limited. I am keeping the group small and it is first come, first serve.

If you sign up before Monday 28th at 6pm EST, I will throw in a free one hour breakthrough session. These usually go for $500. This is how much I want you to End Emotional Eating this Summer.


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