Become a Sleeping Beauty

Nothing annoys a small child more than the threat of a nap, yet most adults would love one.
Many of us do not get enough quality sleep on a regular basis for a variety of reasons. Some are
lifestyle choices such as having a pet in bed, or physical due to too much caffeine or looking at
smart phone screen too many hours of they. Others seem to think they do not need more than 4
because of a common misconception thrown around by misinformed overachievers.

In the last couple of years, Ariana Huffington has been vocal champion on the power of sleep
after having a serious accident due to working 18 hour days for years. Now she has a very strict
sleep routine such as not having her cell phone in her bedroom, taking a hot bath before bedtime,
changing into pajamas she only wears to sleep and keeping a gratitude journal. She is making
sleep sexy again.

EW Wellness Solutions

I have never pulled an all nighter! That always throws people that in all of my years in college
and grad school, and now in my nutrition and food addiction courses or even when my book
manuscript was due, I never stayed up through the night to finish a project or cram for a test. I
often would stay up late and or get up early, but I always got at least some sleep. I have such a
fear of not getting enough rest, I never was willing to risk it.

When my daughter was born, was when I truly realized how incredibly worthless I am without
quality sleep. She was a tiny baby and to those of you who haven’t had children yet, small babies
mean they don’t sleep well yet, which means the parents don’t. This was my first experience with
long term sleep deprivation. I have a vivid memory of sitting at the Starbucks under our old
apartment in NYC at around 8:30 am one workday morning watching all the commuters walking
towards the Subway station. I thought to myself “Did they have a good nights sleep and did they
appreciate it?” Those were not the thoughts of a rational person. Eventually, my daughter slept
and I did as well. I learned a great deal about sleep mostly from not having it.
Sleep improves memory. Our mind is very busy when we are sleeping. While we sleep, our mind
is often practicing skills we need while we are awake. If you want to improve your tennis game,
get more sleep.

Sleep extends our lives. The jury is still out if sleep is associated with a shorter lifespan, but
according to a 2010 study of women aged 50 to 79, more deaths occurred in women who got less
than 5 hours of sleep per night. If you sleep better, you will live better.

Sleep curbs inflammation. Disease is linked to inflammation. Research indicates people who get
less sleep-defined as 6 or less hours er night have higher levels of inflammatory proteins than
those who got more.

Sleep lowers stress. When it comes to our health stress and sleep are one and the same- and both
can affect cardiovascular health. Sleep can reduce levels of stress and with that people have
better control of their blood pressure.

Sleeps decreases depression. Sleeping well increases our general well being other than simply
avoiding being irritably. A lack of sleep can contribute to depression and increase anxiety. We
gain more emotional stability with good sleep.

All of this knowledge and person experience has made me value sleep more than ever. Once
upon a time, I would work out even if I was tired, now I know an hour of quality sleep is more
important than an hour of cardio. On that note, I am going to go take a nap before a work dinner!



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