My birthday is today and I used to want to change it to sometime in the Spring.

I know this isn’t a thing.

In a world where we can change our names or the nose we never liked, why can’t we change the birthday that is hard to remember, comes in a time of year where most people are out of town or not paying much attention and is generally not as well celebrated as the ones that come in the Spring?

I have thought about this a lot and late April to the middle of May has always seemed like a good time to have a birthday, they can always bring in cupcakes in grade school and the weather is always nice for an outside party but it doesn’t really work that way now does it?

A friend of mine with a late July birthday and I have an on going argument over who has the worst birthday until she completely forgot mine and had to agree, that yes, mine was way worse. Not the argument I wanted to win!

In recent years, I had to reframe how I looked at my birthday since I can’t change it as much as April 25th seems like an ideal date, there isn’t a process to make it so. ( let me know if you find out otherwise)

Our birthdays are our own personalized New Years Eve.

On August 22nd, when everyone else is wrapping up their Back to School shopping or finishing their last couple of days of Summer Vacation, I get a chance to do something else.

I get to set new goals.

I get to figure out what I am doing differently this year.

I get to celebrate what I accomplished since my last birthday.

I get to do whatever I want today even though it is a work day and not feel guilty about it.

I get to have my sweet 9 year old son wake me up at 7 am and say “Happy birthday Mommy” and then allude to what amazing gift he made me.

I get to have my sometimes sweet 12 year old daughter wander into my office like a walker from The Walking Dead with her smartphone in hand to say “Happy birthday Mom” and give me an unsolicited hug.

I had better wrap this up as I suspect the loud whispering coming from outside my room the kids are up to something.

Happy Birthday to Me!

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