28 Mar

The More Sugar We Eat, The More Sugar We Want!

Many studies involving sugar involve rats. I find it fascinating how rats mimic humans in similar situations. For example, when rats become addicted to cocaine, they will forgo rat food to have cocaine. Then the same rats are offered high fructose corn syrup (HFCS). This newer type of sugar (HFCS) was created in a lab […]

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25 Mar

Eat your vegetables

Isn’t that the stereotypical Mom command? My mother never had to tell me that. My younger brother Adam, was a natural born carnivore while I was more inclined towards vegetables. There were many times where I would be pushing around the animal protein at the end of dinner, while Adam would be pushing around his […]

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22 Mar


When I was kid, my Grandmother who had done Weight Watchers in the 1970s told me to only occasionally eat what was then known as “starchy vegetables”. The term is not used very often now, even in Weight Watchers, but it is a scientific classification so here it is. “Starch is a substance that is […]

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20 Mar

Carbohydrate Confusion

The last of the 3 micronutrient and are absolutely the most misunderstood. Many of us try to not eat “carbs” but what about spinach or kale? Those are carbs. Black bean pasta or spaghetti squash, also a type of carbohydrate. Do you run from blueberries or lemons? Also part of the carb crew. I had […]

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18 Mar

St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day has always been one of my favorite holidays. Not just because my name is used synonymously with the day, or because I am most Irish per 23and Me, and my Dad’s incessant telling me tales of growing up in Southie, but because I liked the idea of the Luck of the Irish. […]

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