17 Mar

Deep thoughts from gate 8

I’m in another airport with another delayed flight in another country and it is not my finest hour. It is Spring Break and my entire family ate something bad last night. We all feel awful. I was sick when we arrived last week, and spent most of our escape from cold inside while my family […]

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14 Mar

Something is Fishy about our Fish

I am the type of person who could eat fish 5 days a week and not ever get sick of it. However, if it always the best thing to eat? Pescatarians, which is a way of classifying those who eat fish but not meat. They see many of the benefits “Vegetarians do such as being […]

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13 Mar


In Spring of 2008, I was toying with becoming a full vegan. I spent a few years as a vegetarian in college and started really researching going all in. I even donated money to PETA. I watched their videos and ordered a ton of books from Amazon (back when that was a thing) on how […]

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12 Mar

Animal Protein

Quick can you think of commercials for animal protein? How about? Beef. It’s what’s for dinner. Pork. The other white meat Real California Cheese. Happy Cows make for Better Cheese. What is this about really? Why are the food lobbyists trying so hard to convince us to eat beef, to consider a pig to be […]

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11 Mar


Have you noticed how we are totally obsessed with protein lately? All the protein shakes, protein bars, diets which are mostly protein, people who swear by protein powders, and whatever bone broth is… I was recently speaking to a friend of mine who decided to try a plant-based food plan for a while to see […]

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