Boxing Day

Much debate as to where it originally came from. Some sources say it originated in the United
Kingdom as December 26th was the day the Aristocracy would give their servant offs so they
could go visit their own families, and “Christmas box” is what present is called in Britain.
Another source said it is when members of the United Kingdom would box up donations for the
poor and put them into boxes. My personal favorite and the least offensive, large ships when
settling sail would have a sealed containing money for good luck. When the voyage was a
success, the box was given to a priest, and the box was opened up at Christmas with the
recipients being the poor.

Growing up in the US, Boxing Day isn’t a big deal it is simply “the Day after Christmas”. It is a
bank holiday in the UK, Ireland, and Canada. It has morphed into a holiday associated with
Sporting Events, polar bear dips, and fun runs.

I recently met a lovely woman from Canada and she was planning on having a brunch on Boxing
Day for her friends. When I asked here the differences she said as “it isn’t as formal as
Christmas, and way more fun”. That was something I could finally embrace. A day where we
have all of the good parts of the Holiday, seeing people you like, not having to go to work, but
none of the pressure or obligation of the actual day of Christmas. None of the stress about
whether or not you blow the big lie about Santa Claus to the kids, or if the dinner is on the table
at just the right time so the potatoes aren’t cold the turkey isn’t raw in the middle.

It got me thinking as to why we can’t make every Holiday like my new friend’s Boxing Day,
picking and choosing the parts we like and leaving the rest. Why do we insist on making
ourselves stressed out by making Grandma’s dinner rolls when no one really liked them, back
when she made them, but it wouldn’t be Christmas without them? Or buying our kids 15
different types of electronics, then going insane when they all required batteries, and none the
stores are open and we don’t have any in the house? Finally, how many times will be getting together
with people that we know don’t get us, appreciate us or are even decent to us? Why don’t we see
our friends and do what we want? Maybe it is going to see the new Star Wars again and eating
nachos, but whatever it is DO NOT make yourself miserable because that is an awful tradition.

Since Boxing Day is a new Holiday in the US, I am claiming it to be a Day where we do what
we really wanted the day before!! So whatever that means to you, have a good one.



Tomorrow’s Topic: Wrap up on the 31 Days of Wellness.

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