“Is Bread as bad as Sugar?”

Since writing “Why Can’t I Stick To My Diet” I am often asked the same 10 or so Health and Wellness questions

I am often asked “Is Bread as bad as Sugar?”

Then the conversation can often go off into a tangent into such as “does gluten free count?”

Here is the skinny on why I advise my clients to stay away from Sugar and Wheat: they both elevate our Blood Sugar. Even current whole grain breads aren’t made with whole grains, and they have been processed into a very fine flour. This causes a quick rise in blood sugar and insulin levels.

As soon as we start eating white bread it might as well be sugar because, without the bran and the germ found in whole wheat, the white bread converts to a starch that is the same as a simple sugar molecules bonded together. These bonds are easily broken down by chewing

Often, we are so focused on cutting out all obvious Sugars, we inadvertently end up eating bread and other starches in it’s place not realizing we are eating Sugar in a different form.

I recommend staying away from all types of hormone disruptors a.k.a Sugar, Starch and Artificial Sweeteners.

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