You can’t outrun the Fork

Abs are made in the kitchen

You can not out run the fork

Your current body composition is 80% diet and 20% exercise

These are all modern ways of saying the same thing: what we eat matters. We used to be told it was straight calories that was the issue. Which is why I knew at 14 years old 3500 calories were in a pound, and how many calories I couldn’t go below without messing my metabolism (we will go over that misconception in a few days) 1200, and how many approximate calories I would burn doing an hour of Step Aerobics, 500. Remember this was pre Apple Watch or Fitbit.

Our weight and our health was dependent on calories consumed and burned, as many of us were raised to believe. Using the collective wisdom of the 1990s, eating a diet of fat free Snack Wells, diet coke and Chicken McNuggets, yet hitting our caloric goals should not have resulted in a collective weight gain, and yet it almost always did.

Now we know better.

1) The quality of our calories is extremely important, due to the hormonal reaction 3 type of food can cause. These hormone disruptors are White Flour, Added Sugar and Artificial Sweetener.

These three foods (or food like substances) will cause such chaos with our blood sugar, our bodies will go into panic mode and be unable to tell if we are truly hungry or just being tricked by our brains. We will not have a very good handle on our true levels of hunger. It is best to stay away from all types as much as possible.

2) We also know we can not out exercise whatever food and drinks we ingest.

This lesson took me decades to truly understand. I worked out way more than I do now, and I was 15 pounds heavier, due to the type of calories I was eating, namely sugar and the chemical reaction sugar was having upon my body. Think about how many thin people you know who do not exercise and how many overweight ones who do. Crazy right??

3) Do not be tricked into thinking the foods we eat now will not cause inflammation, which can lead to preventable disease.

According to The Atlantic on January 26, 2018, Alzheimer’s is often being referred to as “type 3” diabetes due to its high correlation in people who had diets high in sugar, carbs and low in fat and protein in the decades leading up the the diagnosis.

So what did I eat this morning? I am currently in Disneyworld with my kids and I do not live in a Health Food bubble, but reality. I had salmon, berries, goat cheese and bunch of water.

Was it the best breakfast of my life? No, but I checked the 4 Fundamentals boxes of my food plan for Fiber, Fat, Low Glycemic Carbs and Protein, nothing was processed and as fresh as possible.

Changes can be made, we just have to want to make them and know they are worth it.

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