Christmas seems so far away doesn’t it?

Especially as the kids are still out of school, it is warm outside and football preseason has not begun. Yet, there are only 20 weekends until Christmas. Doesn’t sound like that long when I think about it that way. So why am I thinking about Christmas in July at all?

How many of us mentally checkout from getting healthy until after the holidays or until life calms down? We think putting ourselves first is selfish or that it will take away from our families and children.

What if you were to simply stop postponing feeling your best?

What if this time you gave yourself an early Christmas gift of getting healthy? I know I love giving myself presents!

Imagine wearing your sexiest clothes on New Years Eve with complete confidence and NOT having feeling the urge to go on the usual January 2nd cleanse. Sounds amazing doesn’t it?

I am hosting a VIP only masterclass where we will be going over my to be released “Why Can’t I Stick To My Diet” so the days of cleanses, resets and diets will be behind you.

I am looking for a small group of motivated, committed women who are over not feeling great in their own skin.

Intrigued? Let’s talk and you can give yourself the early Christmas gift of the body and peace of mind you always wanted.

The program will start mid August so, IM me for additional information. Be sure to mention XMAS in your message.


Erin Boardman Wathen

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