Exercise the Stress Away

I workout most days of the week, not so I can “eat whatever I want” or because I am dying to
have a six-pack. I do it for stress relief, to connect with my body and it is such an ingrained habit,
it is noteworthy when I do not.

Things can be super crazy this time of year with all the commitments, social obligations, and the
never-ending to-do list. However, I still find time to exercise most days of the week. It has meant
getting up at 4:45 before work or taking my workout clothes to rural Iceland and going on a run
passing nothing but farm animals just to work up a sweat.

It can be tempting to cut out the exercise to save time, but I strongly discourage such thinking. You
do not have to go to your usual 815 class at the gym if you are strapped for time. What if you got
out the old elliptical in the basement and did a Tabata series on it? Or put on your training shoes
and a 20 minute routine of sit-ups, pushups, squats and another bodyweight only exercises in your
bedroom? Both can be done without leaving your house and before the kids are awake or you
have to get ready for work. When there is a will, there is always a way.

I have created 3 different workouts for you, they are on my website under tips. They have
everything you need for a full body routine. As a warning, you will feel better about life, way
more competent and the perfect idea for the hard to buy for relative will come to you after a good
session with me.

Remember to always take care of your Health first, it can be counterintuitive to everything we
have been brought up to believe. The problem is if we do not make ourselves the top priority, we
do not have anything to give the loved ones in our lives.



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