FAQ on Cheat Days part II

Another reason to not go back to the way we used to eat with a Cheat Day, is how much easier it will be to go back again and again.

Once we have made the break from the bad eating habits, to go back even for only a day, makes it so much easier to go back the next time.

For example, I used to do Weight Watchers and I would save my points all week for Saturday nights. So I would eat whatever I wanted on Saturday’s after starving myself the entire week. Sunday was always a giant mind game because I had just had what I felt I wanted. Now, I was back with my dry chicken breasts and steamed broccoli, when the day before I was having creme brûlée and nachos. It was a hard transition.

So the next thing, I knew Saturday night could easily become all day Saturday. So Saturday brunch was also a free for all. Which could easily morph into Friday night drinks. I didn’t want the fun to stop. Food was Fun to me at the time, which was a problem. I had to rewrite my own definition of Fun, because it shouldn’t be something you digest, but something you are a part of. Why is a food that can case disease and tooth decay be considered Fun? Not really sure now, but I did for years.

I had a lot of work to do on myself with what Fun was and what it is not. I now find it Fun to always know my clothes will fit, it is fun for me to be able to think clearly and the most fun of all is to feel I have a handle over how I look and feel around food.

If this is something you are looking for please PM me, I would love to talk.


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