FAQ -How do I get a 6 Pack ?


One of my least favorite questions, usually asked by women 25 and younger

My daughter and her BFF asked me this one particular time when we were stuck in traffic. When I threw it back at them as what they thought it could be they replied “eat salads”

I groan, cringe and curse modern definitions of beauty in my head. However, here is the answer.

1) developed abdominal muscles. Are your abs being sufficiently trained for a long period of time? Stomach muscles need to be challenged and rested with intention like any other muscle group. Abs aren’t magical by any means. They don’t have different rules.

2) body fat. Is it under 19% but above 14? This is considered ideal for muscles to “pop” for female bodybuilders. To truly lean out, our diet must be spot on for an extended period of time. This doesn’t mean starving Monday-Thursdays.

3) genetics. Do you naturally carry body fat in your hips and thighs ala JLo, and your stomach is pretty flat, to begin with? Or are you more like a Britney with smaller hips and legs, with a thicker midsection when your portions get a bit sloppy? It isn’t a judgment just something to consider when you see swimsuit models or music video dancers.

Does this seem right to you???

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