FAQs- What is your Why

FAQ January keeps on chugging along:


“What is your Why”

The term was coined by Simon Sinek and it has caught on and for good reason.

It is the best way I have ever found to discover what my own true motivation was, and to get to the bottom of client’s.

For those of you who have read my book, “Why Can’t I Stick To My Diet”, you know my Why. However, if you forgot or have not read it (you really should read it, I hear it is fabulous).

My final WHY was not to have a rocking body, to show all the people who never believed in me or to even hit a magical number.

My WHY was so I could quiet the constant white noise of the food drama. I needed to stop thinking about what I ate, what I really wanted to eat, what I wish I had not eaten, how much time I was going to spend at the gym to counteract what I had just eaten, trying to talk myself into not being hungry, how much weight could I lose by Friday… It was exhausting. I NEEDED IT TO STOP NOW

It would have been fabulous if I lost weight, which I did. However, my final WHY worked for a few reasons that know now.

1) it wasn’t based on other people. I.e quitting smoking because your husband demanded it when you started dating would not have worked if you were not ready.
2) it wasn’t out of spite. As much as I love the idea of showing all the people who have done rotten things to me, WHY’s to come from a place of Love
3) it was not based on appearances, but an internal change. What if I did not lose weight but was at peace? Would that have been a success? Yes,

Now, nothing is wrong with just wanting to lose 20 pounds, but let’s go deeper. We are not going to take the easy way this time.
What do you really want?
What are the 20 pounds really about?
Are you not speaking up for yourself at work?
Eating your feelings?
Being ok with not asking for more because the 20 pounds give you a really good reason to not strive for the top seat?
Uncomfortable yet?
It is much easier to get on a shake plan and lose 20 pounds this winter and gain it back over the Summer, however, what has that accomplished? NOTHING

The road to your WHY can involve a trip through Uncomfortable feelings, nevertheless, we know where avoiding them got us, don’t we?

So what is your real WHY?


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