FAQs-Do I Let My Kids Eat Sugar?

Do I Let My Kids Eat Sugar?

It’s pretty clear what the answer is from this picture. I do let them, every once in a while, and under specific conditions.

They have regular birthday cakes, ice cream in the Summer and go trick or treating on Halloween. The difference is the day in and day out, they don’t eat much and they are more aware than their friends what foods have it.

If they are going to have a Food with added sugar, my preference is for them to have it after a meal, so they are somewhat full and when they are done it is over. Not on an empty stomach so their blood sugar spikes or before bed and then good luck when I attempt to get them to go to bed.

When I stopped eating Sugar, I was worried my kids would be upset I was no longer eating ice cream with them. They don’t care as long as they get it now and then. Remember, kids are notoriously self-centered

These pictures are 5 or 6 years old back when my kids didn’t have the ability to go to friends houses or pick their own food at sleep-away camp. Now, it is important they pick Healthy Food not just because I mandate it, but because they like it

I am fairly confident my son does not wash his hands as often I would like when I am not around, but I have heard from camp counselors, how my kids eat vegetables on their own. That makes me proud, so if they eat a little bit of junk now and then, I find it to be worth it.

Do you let your kids have Sugar??

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