FAQs-It is always easy for you to eat right, isn’t it?

This one makes me chuckle a little bit. Not because it is traditionally funny but I am stunned by the relationship with Food is now classified as “easy” by others.
I still have sick kids, my dog still has accidents and my plans fall through
My flight get delayed, UPS loses my dress before a big event and a snow day can still throw a giant wrench in my planned productive day
The difference between then and now is I know Food will not solve any of these predicaments. I have been able to put Food in its proper place, as fuel
I occasionally still have thoughts of “maybe Food will help” when the dog goes on the rug, I am able to talk myself off the ledge
The answer is “No, it is not always easy for me to eat right, but it has gotten easier with time. With each passing day, my brain goes to the old familiar place less and less.

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