FAQs-How Often Should You Weigh Yourself?

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How Often Should You Weigh Yourself?

I will answer this with how often I weigh myself and then circle back to my official recommendation.

There were times in my life when I would weigh myself 4,5 6 times a day. I did not accomplish anything positive other than proving to me how much my clothes actually weigh. The negative list was long, time-consuming, crazy-making (did I need to know how much my clothes weighed, or how much I weighed after I took a shower?), and made me completely obsessed with my weight. OBSESSED. In addition, it seemed to do the opposite of what I intended, the scale was moving in the wrong direction.

A woman’s weight will fluctuate in a given day, during a given week a few pounds. This is scientific fact. Due to hormones, hydration levels, sodium intake, how much we have eaten… In the same way, one meal will not make us “fat”, one meal of restriction will not make us “skinny”. It is what we consistently that really matters when it comes to weight maintenance or loss.

For a while in college, I did not weigh myself for almost 6 months. Then I had to at a doctor’s and I had gained 10 pounds!! I was floored. I had no idea… initially. Then when I thought about how I had been eating and how my clothes were not fitting right- then it made sense.

Currently, I weigh myself twice a month give or take. I am not super strict about it. Typically, I do it during the week. Even though I do not go crazy on the weekends, with my kids home and we typically go out to meals more… there is a bit more special on those days than during the week. Or I will weigh myself before or after a vacation, on principle.

However, there aren’t any surprises anymore when I weigh myself as I always weigh within a 2 lb range anytime of the month, which is a consistent as I have found is possible with my body.

I hope this helps.

How often do you weigh yourself?
What are your tales from the scale?

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