FAQs-“What do you think about clean eating?”

Clean eating isn’t as popular as it once was, but it still is a common term in many circles

The main source of confusion I have found with clean eating is the definition is unclear. Who decides what clean is? One person decides clean is only food sold at high-end organic grocery stores, while someone else deems it to be food seemingly healthier than junky choices

Clean eating in concept is something I can support. My 4 Fundamentals Food Plan is based on the highest quality ingredients possible and zero processed foods, but it also takes into account portion control and meal planning.

Just to call Food “Clean” is too vague for most of us. To be able to stick a murky food plan to in a world of so many conflicting health sources of information, supersize portions and escalating obesity rates.

For those of us in the Nutrition field, we can agree on some basics such as staying away from processed food and Sugar, limit red meat and stress. The rest is details.

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