FAQs-What is your favorite cleanse?

FAQ January

“What is your favorite cleanse?”

None of them. I find all cleanses/detoxes to be a bad idea. I have done many back in the day and all they did was temporarily have me lose a few pounds and a great deal of money, especially the pressed juice ones.

My three biggest reasons for discouraging clients from cleanses/detoxes
1) they tend to be nothing but juice without the fiber. So your blood sugar will spike and then crash.

2) they are the new term for a crash diet and all that is lost is water weight. The true far loss is not going to happen in 3 days of green juices.

3) it is still diet mentality. Clients and friends tend to ask about these after a time period where they went off the Food wagon, in an attempt to get things in check

If you are coming off for an extended time period of bad eating, I will recommend my food plan.

I will give it to you for FREE today. It is real food, and you will be feeling better soon. The only catch is, as soon as you go off if, the good feelings go as well.

What if you didn’t need cleanses?
What if you just lived?
What if the Food drama was done?

I can tell you the feeling I have of being on the other side of the merry go round- that is my favorite. I want it for you as well.

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