FAQs-What Do I Do?

FAQs continued…

What Do I Do?

Working together, we figure out how you will get through the stressful visit with your parents without drowning in a sea of sugar.

I research which local grocery stores can deliver fresh fruits and vegetables and how far away a local gym would be and if Uber could take them. Short of coming in on a helicopter, I am there to support you through the visit.

You have someone to be accountable to when you do not stick to the food and exercise plan.

To lovingly remind you that you do not really want the milkshake more than you want to meet your weight goal.

When you stick to your meal plan despite the forces against you, I am the first one to celebrate with you. To encourage you to book a facial, or buy new workout clothes!!!

My approach is different because I know many of the issues that show up on your plate, have very little to do with food per se. They almost always lead back to the relationships in our lives.


Erin Boardman Wathen

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