FAQs-How Can I Lose 10 Lbs quickly?

FAQ January continues…

Another one of my least favorite questions. I decided the 4th week in January is a perfect time to stockpile all cringe-worthy questions together.

“How Can I Lose 10 Lbs quickly?”

I get this doozie pretty often before Spring Break or Memorial Day. I detest it because it reminds me how seldom people really want to do the work behind WHY they gained weight, to begin with. I cringe because unless we examine why we gained weight and work on those areas of our lives, we are just doing surface level work on ourselves.

An app can assist you with 10 lbs for Spring Break. It will be there when you gain them all back over Spring Break

I will guide you to discover why you gained them in the first place, how to adjust your life so you are eating healthy foods you like and you will move on from dieting. Doesn’t that sound amazing?

Oh, and the 10 lbs won’t be an issue either.


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