Father’s Day

Fathers Day 2012

This says image says so much to me.

My son was 3, he was “mostly” potty trained, and still slept in a crib. We had the old furniture downstairs. I still see some babyproofing on the furniture.

My husband had clearly just woken up, and was reading a school crafted masterpiece by my daughter to my excited son. Yet, my husband is still happy.

I am going to guess my husband has a giant mug of coffee right outside the scope of the picture, safely away from the kid’s artwork and any little hands.

My daughter’s artwork from the 1st grade was memorable. The stick figure drawing of her and her dad in the bottom of the card, he took to work after I got it framed.

The “Letter To My Daddy” is especially sweet as it details all the special things they do together.

My son had made lovingly drawn something just as special in his preschool program, but it wasn’t his turn to show Daddy.

I had my husband’s favorite breakfast about to be served in the kitchen, while my then 6 year old was helping me.

Most of our Father Days look like this, as I am sure many of yours to a certain extent.

Homemade cards and crafts made with love, tired Dads looking for coffee hoping for a nap after breakfast and excited kids asking Mom “what did we get him again?”.

Fathers Day 2018

This year will probably be a little different.

As I post this, everyone is still sleeping.

The dog will need to go outside, which wake up my husband up earlier than he really wants, my son who is now 9, will have already eaten cereal by the time I start cooking, my 12-year-old will have to be dragged out of bed.

Yet, there will be a moment where we have our breakfast, and the kids are making special things for their Dad, and I did get him a tie, because I always do.

There is something so genuine and pure in these simple rituals so many of us will have this morning.

If your Fathers Day looks different than ours, or your family has a different tradition, I still wish you a great day.

“The most important thing in the world is family and love”

John Wooden

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