Female Friendships

I am so excited to start focusing on Love for the rest of February. We will be going over all types of our love.

Starting out with Female Friendships. There have been some great ones throughout the years on tv: Meredith and Christina on Grey’s Anatomy, Donna, and Kelly on Beverly Hills, 90210 and Monica and Rachel on Friends.

What is it about Female Friendships that are so important?

1) We need a tribe. Life in 2018 can be confusing and weird. To know friends who love you through thick and thin helps in a world where everyday the news can be a giant trigger warning.

2) Women are marrying later and later in life, some not at all. This makes our friendships even more important as we seek companions to go through life with.

3) Women with strong female friendships are less likely to be depressed, have anxiety or be pessimistic.

4) Socially isolated Breast Cancer Patients are 34% more likely to die than those with strong social supports. Not only do strong female friendships improve our way of life, they can extend our life!

There are so many different types of love we have in our lives, let’s just take a minute as we ramp up for Valentine’s Day to honor how amazing our friendships are in our lives.

I was really excited when I heard of the Galentines movement a few years ago on Parks and Recreation. Let’s face it, where are we without our girlfriends?


Erin Boardman Wathen

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