Find a Tribe

A couple of years ago I saw a t-shirt at local spin studio in my community and it read “Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe”.

I drove home and was thinking of what exactly that meant. Your Vibe… What was my overall vibe?? Sometimes, life can be rough and I let it get to me, I have to admit. Did I miss my only opportunity one day to attract my tribe because I was grumpy about the burst pipe in my house?

I decided I was being dramatic and to not worry about a few bad days, as who hasn’t had those? Also, if my tribe was that judgy, they were not my people anyway right?

Once my personal crisis was over, I have left with what an insightful phrase this is. It is so true, look at groups of people you know, they have similarities don’t they?

Successful, happy people tend to be attracted to each other. Negative, angry types like to surround themselves with others. Like attracts Like.

Remember how we talked about Boundaries yesterday? My tribe needs to be of women I can count on. None of the fake friends, frenemies or the gym friends I exchange pleasantries with every morning at 8:15.

My tribe is full of women who will pick up the phone in the middle of the night and know I am not calling for something silly, I am calling because something is WRONG.

It goes in both directions, I have friends where if I receive a text from them alerting me their mother is in the hospital in the Midwest, I immediately offer to fly out just to support them, and you know what? I will and I have done it. I am that tribe member.

A few years ago, I had a period where I was calling on friends when things were absolutely WRONG. My tribe knew when I sent a text reading “CALL ME” it was not because I missed the latest episode of Grey’s Anatomy.

I needed them, and when I lit up the friendship version of the Bat-Signal they came just like Batman when Commissioner Gordon needs him to save the city… again

Author Brene Brown describes a conversation she had with a dear friend she called
“You’re the type of friend who would help me move a body.”
The friend replied, “Holy crap. Did you kill somebody?”
I laughed. “No, not today.”

Our tribes need to be full of women who can help us move dead bodies, not the ones to do the passive-aggressive body scans when we enter the room and then air kiss us.

Life is too short for that nonsense, now isn’t it??

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