Finding Your Happy

I was a part of an amazing Breast Cancer Fundraiser for many years. Spin Odyssey raised money for breast cancer research. Seeing over 300 people riding Spin bikes for 6 hours was incredibly inspiring. We raised millions of dollars that went directly to the researchers.

I would often lead the trainings. My go to line to the riders was to “find your happy place”. This was my way of saying find a pace you can keep comfortably for an extended period of time. If you start out to fast, you will not be able to finish, if you start too slow your body will not get in a groove and it will always be fighting the process. Finding the sweet spot is key. Do not worry what the person next to do is doing, or what time it is or when the next bathroom break is but find YOUR happy place.

I did the 6 hour ride 6 out of 7 years and it was incredibly rewarding on many levels. (I took the actual ride off the year I had my son as he was 2 weeks old and I wasn’t cleared to exercise but did lead trainings).

During the ride we would have breast cancer survivors speak and it was even more motivating to keep my focus. I was able to find a place mentally where I was able to embrace where I was and be perfectly ok with staying on the bike.

Friends would always ask if I was allowed to get up and the answer is yes! we took breaks every hour put the goal was to ride the entire time. My body would eventually star to not be so happy, even though I was in my Happy Place. My shoulders were usually the first to start speaking to me, then my lower back, and finally my neck.

So how did I find my happy place outside of the spin room? by asking myself what I really lit me up.

I love writing about Health, coaching clients to work through their own blocks to live their healthiest and productive lives, collaborating with other influencers to strategize how we can reach the most amount of people. I stinking LOVE it!

If I did not love it, I would not have been able to write the introduction to my book on my cellphone in the Dubai airport.

If I did not love it, I could not be giving away as much content as I do. I have given away 100s of copies of my book. Yes, I have sold many more, but I gave so many away because I wanted to share my message that you too can give up sugar and quit dieting.

If I did not love it, I would not be able to write a daily blog and video on days when I am tired, have a long to do list or want to be watching The Walking Dead to see if they are actually going to kill Carl off.

When we find our Happy Place, we hold it sacred. I know when I am connecting with myself through my career as a Health Coach, I am in a state of Self Love.

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life”- Confucius

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