“The chains of habit are too light to be felt until they are too heavy to be broken.” Warren Buffet

Now, what does a Financial Guru have to do with Mindset? A lot actually.

When we are in a self-defeating habit like eating while watching tv, we don’t even think about it after a while. We just do it. We do not even realize we are doing it until we have Cheeto dust all over our face and our hand is orange.

Once we become mindful of our thoughts about eating and watching television, then our actions about going to the cabinet and turning on the television, finding the remote and sitting down, becomes less automatic. It all starts with our thoughts.

Good habits can be the same way.
Every day, I brush my teeth.
Every day, I put on my seat belt.
Every day, I tell my family members I love them.
Every day, I work on myself and it starts in my thoughts.

What are your automatic habits? Do you ever catch yourself in just doing things that are you don’t mean to?


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