Honor my body

You know you have watched too much Game of Thrones when Ned Stark comes to mind with the term “honor”. Not in a super fan “Winter is coming”, go to Comic Con dressed up as Cersei Lannister, First of her Name… but as a something we hold in very high esteem, a scared vow, a pact we make with ourselves we will not break unless a power hungry woman with a firebreething dragon demands we do….

Now that I have let my nerd flag fly what does it mean to honor our bodies?

When we honor our bodies we hold it high regard.

We do not put her (I am calling mine a her) in harms way with excessive cigarette smoke or prolonged sun exposure.

We do not starve or gorge her, we know to give her enough food to thrive but that too much is not good for her.

We get enough sleep, even if it means watching the next episode of Altered Carbon tomorrow.

We dress in a way that celebrates our femininity her but doesn’t make us feel uncomfortable on any level.

We listen to our intuition when a situation doesn’t feel right and walk away as soon as we can.

We spend time with those that make us feel good about ourselves and our decisions.

We exercise or are active because our body needs strong bones, not because we want to punish it for needing fuel.

We honor our bodies because we honor ourselves.

When we honor our bodies we treat it the same way we would treat a good friend, with love and affection, without judgment or criticism.

Maybe we look different than we once did, but we have accomplished so much in our body, we never forget because of how much we love our Self.

“I stand in awe of my body” -Henry David Thoreau

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