How to be an Amazon

• I love the color Green
• I would like to change my birthday to another time of year if that was a thing
• I know every Pop Song within the first 5 notes from the 1990s to today
• I detest the smell of eggs
• Wonder Woman is my spirit Super Hero

So it is no wonder (ha) I watched WonderWoman again on the plane the flight home from Holiday Break
yesterday. I have seen the new movie at least 10 times, 3 in the theater and another 7 at home or on other
flights. That might sound excessive to you, but then again, you probably don’t have a Wonder Woman
Barbie Doll unopened in your closet. A doll your High School Boyfriend gave you in 1992 that you could
sell on eBay you just never will. Even when you didn’t have any money in graduate school, even when it
was going to an all-time high, even when your 5-year-old daughter asked to play with it. Nope, she’s
never leaving the box!

While I was half watching the movie again, half reading I noticed a conversation between Diana’s Mom
the Queen of the Amazons and her Aunt (played by Robin Wright, not in scary Claire Underwood mode).
They were arguing over whether or not Diana aka Wonder Woman should be trained in combat. The Aunt,
who is in charge of the Amazon army of bad ass ladies wants her to, her Mom, not so much. She wants
Diana to hang around the island and keep her badassness there so she can knit or some other royalty
hobby. Little Wonder Woman, who is 6 or so wants to learn. Claire Underwood says “If she isn’t
prepared, how will she defend herself?” Then Diana’s Mom gives some sort of half-hearted answer about
her not needing to fight since there are so many Amazons, the daughters of Zeus, blah blah… next scene
is a training montage so you know where that argument ended up.

The concept of being prepared when it comes to Health is one I take very seriously. It is why I always
travel with Hand Sanitizer, wear sunscreen even when it is cloudy and try to do my best every day to eat
right and get enough sleep.

When I am home and/or conditions are ideal,
• I exercise for at least 30 minutes, ideally, an hour 6-7x a week
• Eat 40% Fat, 40% Protein, 20% low glycemic carbs
• Turn of all screens 2 hours before I want to be asleep
• Eat dinner 3 hours before I want to be asleep for the night
• Drink plenty of water all day
• Space my meals 5 hours apart

I look at these things as Self Defense.

However, there are those times like the last week where I didn’t have a complete handle on my schedule. I
was with my family and we were at a family surf camp. I was surfing for 3-4 hours a day, so I was
overtaxing my body. The local Costa Rican food was low fat and high carbs with very little protein, I was
reading my Ipad 30 minutes or so before bedtime as I only bought one book and I couldn’t really get into
it. Dinner was usually at 6:30 and due to an early surf in the morning, I would be asleep by 9, so there
goes my 3-hour window. I was drinking as much water as I could but being in the ocean for such long
periods of time left me feeling dehydrated and I felt as though I could never catch up. Due to my extreme
amounts of output, I needed to have at least fruit and nuts after I surfed or I couldn’t go back into the
water after the break.

So much for me and my intentions right? After a few days of feeling off, I had made some slight tweaks
given the schedule any my own physical requirements.
• I walked into the Village, went into a small local market and found almonds, macadamia nuts, and

• I was able to supplement the meals so I wasn’t eating so many carbohydrates and felt like I had more
energy when I was Surfing.
• I found a book I liked and was able to get to sleep easier
• I couldn’t do anything about the time of dinner, but I started to consciously eat more at lunch and not
• I started drinking water before I needed to. All day every day on the hour I would fill my water bottle,
even if it meant I was constantly needing to “go”. It helped when I was in the water as I didn’t feel as
parched. Sure, it was just as hot, but I was proactive rather than reactive.

We can’t always predict everything life will throw at us, and unless we want to stay in our little bubble of
our own homes, occasionally we will be might have to be creative with how to accommodate our Health
requirements. Amazons never give up, nor do we!!!

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