I know what to do, I just need to do it

So if we know what to do to get our health in general, and yet we don’t do it, how is that
different than not knowing at all? Why the disconnect? Why don’t we actually follow through?

Many people tell me how they know all about Food and Health and yet, there is significant room
for improvement. Often they are considered overweight and are starting to exhibit medical
problems due to their unhealthy lifestyles.

Same with those who are chronic dieters. They will tell me how they want to maintain a healthy
weight, however, it has proven impossible for them to implement.

Why do we lie to ourselves and others?

In my book “Why Can’t Stick To My Diet”, discuss the phases of change. The one right before
action is taken is called Contemplation. “Maybe you are acknowledging that there is a problem
but are not yet ready or sure of wanting to make a change. Perhaps you have read articles on the
dangers of sugar in Self magazine at the gym or bought an app to keep track of your sugar
consumption. However, you haven’t really admitted to yourself you need to break up with sugar,
and not get back together, in the immortal words of Taylor Swift, “like ever.” Not just until the
reunion or until you can fit into your white jeans. You haven’t admitted that you and sugar need

to see other people. It is not you, it is sugar, and it isn’t a matter of timing or whatever clichés we
have used to dump people in the past”

This is the thing, we aren’t necessarily lying to ourselves. We are trying out the idea of making a
change, however, what is stopping us from graduating to Action?

“When we decide that this is the time, no more half-hearted attempts, we move
into Preparation/Determination (Getting ready to change). This is what we need to do when we

decide this isn’t just a see-other-people breakup, but a return-all-the-stuff, delete-their-number-
out-of-your-phone breakup. You will learn how to take Action and to

exhibit Willpower (Changing behavior) in later Chapters”

Often we are scared to truly commit, then we can tell ourselves it’s no big deal if we don’t stick
to a new way of eating. Many of us are accustomed to the dieting cycle, and there is some
comfort to the highs and lows. The hope when we start, the initial success, the inevitable cheat
and we repeat again and again.

It serves us on a certain level. We might not even be aware of it consciously, but our destructive
pattern defies logic doesn’t it? There isn’t a logical explanation for doing something repeatedly
we know does not work and yet I can not tell you how many times I decided this Monday I was
really going to get my act together, and I meant it. However, it didn’t take.

So what’s a girl to do get from Contemplation to Action? I made a decision based on logic and me
had to put my health first, not the scale I decided I would take it one meal at a time and learn all I
could about the Science of Food and most importantly, I would be compassionate with myself.
Where did all the negative self-talk get me? In a ditch for the most part.

The crazy part about my decision is the scale followed right along, as did my moods, my skin
and my quality of life.

I know it will for you as well. Everything starts in our thoughts. We have to decide this is the
time we get our Health together for good. It will work, I guarantee it. I am proof it works



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