It is Time for Daylight Saving Time

Daylight saving time is again upon us, which brought up the issue of time to me. There never
seems to be enough of it for some things, while we always ten to make time for what we deem

A Brief History Lesson
There was no official keeper in the US unit 1966, and it was creating chaos. There were 23
different time zones just in Iowa. Doing business or having trains arrive on time was becoming
next to impossible as businesses expanded across state lines. The Uniform Time Act of 1966 —
designed “to promote the observance of a uniform system of time throughout the United States”
— was signed into law by Johnson on April 13, 1966. Daylight Saving Time was part of this
legislation. Side note-It is daylight saving time, no S. This is according to historian Michael
Downing who wrote an entire book on the topic.

Why Can’t I Stick To My Diet
Often clients will tell me they don’t have time to chop up the food for a salad due to their kids
travel hockey commitments or they don’t have the time to hop on a Zoom meeting to discuss
how the past week because they are swamped at work, or even they can’t make the time to write
down what they ate because they hate doing that sort of thing. I file all of this under “Lies we tell

In order of related lies:
• To Mrs. Hockey, she could buy vegetables pre-cut, use a meal delivery service or go get a pre-made
salad from one of those places you can order from an App. Her child isn’t playing
hockey 24/7, he goes to school from 8-3 and I agree her weekends are chaotic. However, this
means she needs to be more efficient with her time during the week. With a little planning, we
can guarantee Mrs. Hockey will have the fuel she needs to be at her healthiest to drive her son
all over creation.
• For Ms. Swamped at work, block the time off of your day. We could move your standing
appointment to when you are commuting, or tell your assistant you have a commitment on
Mondays and Fridays 330-4. Your health is worth the investment to talk to me as to how you
are doing and what obstacles you are elbowing out of the way. I will give you the confidence
to go to the upcoming work cocktail party with a plan of action so you don’t fall into the old
bad habits, such as eating a ton of passed appetizers because you arrived too hungry. The
healthier an employee is, the less likely they are to get sick and are generally more productive.
How do you not have the time to make the time ???
• Dear Miss I Hate To Journal, what you are really telling me is you don’t want to raise your
awareness. You do not want to give me the information to help you get to your goals. My
process works, and I am doing my part, you need to do yours. Remember how you said you
wanted to wear a bathing suit with confidence this summer and the way you envisioned it felt
to have accomplished your goals? I can relate to how you do not want to sit at a restaurant in
front of your clients and log everything single bite into an App into your phone. Then do it
after dinner or make a voice memo while you are in the bathroom. Nevertheless, for the other

meals in the week, you can log find a way to journal. You have the time to raise your
awareness, as it will benefit the rest of your day, which will lead to improving your health, and
the results you said you wanted during your initial strategy session.

Why do we do this? What is going on with the disconnect between what we say we want and
what are not willing to make time for?

A Fairy Food Godmother
Imagine if your Fairy Food Godmother finally came into your life. She has heard all of your
wishes and what you have told your friends, as to what you would be so happy if only… She
knows how you want to quit artificial sweetener, but you can’t stop drinking Diet Coke all day
Fairy Food Godmother was listening when you thought how happy you would be if only you
could lose the last 10 pounds, you wouldn’t even mind if it meant you would have to grocery
shop differently. Your Fairy Food Godmother was eavesdropping when you were talking to
yourself on the drive home from trying on jeans last week when you were having a self-pity
party when your regular size no longer fits.

Today is your lucky day. She is here and she has what you have been asking for, a solution!
Would you tell her how happy you are to see her, but to come back after the Super Bowl? Or a
month before the high school reunion? So you actually have the guts to tell her to come back at
an another time?? Are you really willing to postpone the progress? Through your actions, you are
saying the mood swings, the headaches, acne, hijacked brain, and bloating are worth the food.

Now that I am offering you a way out, take it. Do not wait for the perfect time — there will never
be one.

I completely understand your hesitation, I have been there time and time again, but this time is
different because you have me. This time is unrelated to the others due to knowledge you have
about your brain chemistry. This time will be independent of all the others because you have
made up your mind that you are done with the food drama. You will have to make some changes.
However, didn’t you ask for this to go away? Did you really think you could keep eating the
Twix and ditch the brain fog? Hold onto the bread bowl and walk away from the acne?

Back To The Future
Let’s do a little time traveling, remember Labor Day? It was approximately 60 days ago. New
Year’s Day will be a little less than 60 days from today. Interestingly enough, 60 days is the
length of my weight coach counseling program. Doesn’t Labor Day seem just like yesterday?

Imagine if you had decided on Labor Day to clean up your food for good? You had decided your
life of food drama was over. Never again would be taking a ride on the food roller coaster. You
would be looking amazing right now. You would be feeling fantastic. Your skin would be
glowing and friends would be telling you how calm you are. I would be getting random texts
from you through out the day reporting how many compliments you are getting on your
increased productivity levels from co-workers and do I know where you can donate your too big
clothes to?

Now let’s travel back in time and observe how you didn’t make that decision on Labor Day.
Think about how you are feeling now. Could you feel better? Have you stopped your food
drama? Are you telling your Food Diary Godmother to come back later, you are too busy
watching Dateline and eating leftover candy??

Here is the inconvenient truth concerning time: it will pass whether or not we get our collective
acts together. I am not advocating looking back at our lives and beating ourselves up for not
doing this sooner. I am strongly suggesting you do not waste any more of your own time, getting
in your own way by not being truly willing to do what is needed to change. All that is required is
commitment, focus and patience, I will take care of the rest.



Leading up to the launch of “Why Can’t I Stick To My Diet?’ I will be going over the little white
lies we tell ourselves and how to give yourself a little honesty shot in the arm.

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