It’s The Right Time

My son loves riddles and has at least 10 or 15 in his back pocket just waiting for a good time to
spring them on us. The other day at Thanksgiving dinner, my 8-year-old son asked my family

Question: “What can fly without wings”
Answer: “Time”

I never said it was the best riddle, just that it was told! Time is an interesting topic to discuss in
how it relates to the month of December. There never seems to be enough time to get everything
done. We are constantly out of time for accomplishing tasks, is there still time for overnight
postage, and why can’t the plane leave on time for vacation?

What about time and our health in December? Do we have time for both or do we wait until
January to take care of ourselves? Often times, we kick the can down the road, i.e. keep delaying
getting our health together until a yet to be determined time. Maybe after the Holidays right?
Wait, then there is Football Season. So, if you were to clean up your act for good, the day after
the Super Bowl would be better, right? You need to make it an ideal time – after the holidays, so
you wouldn’t be tempted. The constant excuses, justifications, and delays are another way of
kicking the can down the road. You didn’t really want to do something, so you found a million
reasons not to. When I really want to do something, I find a way, I know you will be the same
way, now that you have decided this is the last time for sugar.

Today is the right time. Today is the perfect day to decide your health is a top priority and to act
on it. Today is the day you can make a difference in the rest of your life and not fall into the trap
so many people do of putting our health last on the list of priorities. Today is the day when you
can set the tone for the rest of the days to come.



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