My LIFE Day 1

Some of you have known me forever and some of us are new friends. In honor of my birthday this month, August felt like the perfect time to make it all about me!

Everyday for the next 22 days I will tell you a little bit about me that I haven’t shared before. Some of it silly, some fun, serious or flat out personal. I am hoping you will as well.

For the last two years I have been writing on all things Health and Wellness but rarely focusing on me. Part of it was a privacy thing, another I wasn’t so sure if the behind the scenes details of my life was interesting to everyone.

In addition, I want to be taking more risks and getting out of my comfort zone on a daily basis! So here I go ( GULP)

Day 1.

Green has been my favorite color since I dumped pink in the third grade. Maybe it is because I have green eyes, my name is Erin, I am partially of Irish descent or I just like it, but Green is my jam.

I have a green key ring, way too many green sweaters/shirts/dresses and tops, my business logo is a green shamrock, I decorated my daughters nursery in green with a pink accent, I have 5 green coffee mugs and green olive tapenade is staple of my diet.

My favorite sayings with Green in them:
-it’s not easy being Green. Huge shout out to Kermit the Frog
-Giving someone the Green light. I try to come from a place of Yes as often as possible.
-I don’t have a Green thumb at all, so I had to stop buying plants

So tell me about you…

Photo credit to Stacey Natal

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