MY LIFE Day 12

I need a lot of sleep.

Ideally, I would go to sleep around 10 and get up at 6. I use the word ideally because I live with other humans and 2 pets.

I used to try and get by with less sleep and it never ended well. I would be over caffeinated, be eating tons of sugar and be tired and not very productive the next day.

I tried this for years, until I realized why am I going against myself own best interests?

I shouldn’t need caffeine and sugar to wake up and it isn’t cool to be chronically tired.

What was so important that I was screwing up my body and productivity for?

It is a badge of honor with some of us to be super tired and busy because that means we are important and wanted.

Our work is valued and then we are. I had to toss this belief out and replace it with one that worked for me

I now schedule my week based on when I am the most productive and know I am usually toast by Friday mid day.

I do my most important tasks in the beginning of the week or the day. I stop working at 6pm at night and not on the weekends.

I think of what I accomplished during a period of time or how much value I created or clients I helped versus how many hours I worked

These shifts have led me to have a higher level of satisfaction with my job, I am able to find more time to be with my family and I am well rested!

Who knew such a simple mindset shift could be so impactful??

How much sleep do you like to get?

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