MY LIFE Day 13

Day 13 I was once not very comfortable in my own skin.

I had been on a diet, preparing for the diet I was going to go on, or eating my heart out because I was about to go on a diet and figured it was time to go on a free for all since I was 14.

I never knew what clothes would fit, or I wouldn’t go to a doctors office unless I was really sick because I didn’t want get weighed.

I had three different sizes of the same style of pants as I wasn’t sure what would ever fit.

My weight would fluctuate dramatically and I was constantly thinking of how many calories I needed to burn to be skinny by the next vacation, important event or when I would see an old friend.

I was convinced if I weighed my magic number, no matter how I got there, that life would be full of sparkles, sunshine and rainbows. Until I was there, life would be bad.

That was all there was to it.

There was nothing else.

It was that black and white to me.

On one hand, the magic number, rainbows, a great life


the other, weighing more, being miserable and the constant white noise of this weight chatter going on constantly.

It was pure agony to be in my head.

I stopped this self destructive behavior a few years ago after I started putting my health first and my weight second.

I stopped dieting and starting living.

As unsure as I was as to what my body would do when I stopped downing Diet Coke by the gallon, overexercising and eating too much sugar, I knew I had to stop living how I had been for decades.

It was exhausting and unsustainable.

Here is what happened:
1) I consistently weigh less than the magic number, but life is still life

2) I stopped getting cavities, needing to see the dermatologist all the time and only have one size of clothes in my closet

3) I have so much extra time from stopping the white noise of the weight chatter going on in my brain, I help others stop their own, I wrote a book, go on podcasts and give talks on how you can as well.
I am hosting a small Ladies Masterclass this Fall and am
Looking for motivated women to join.

I am hosting a Facebook Live tonight at 730 pm to discuss the details such as
-why slow and steady is always the way to go with a lifestyle change
-how fabulous you will feel in the body you were meant to have
– my unique background and education to get you where you want to be.

If you can’t make the FB Live but want to chat.

IM me and we can set up a call.


Photo credit by Stacey Natal
Hair credit by Terri Rasile Skarad

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