MY LIFE Day 14

I had many food allergies when i was a kid.

By many I mean, flour, eggs, milk and soy. Supposedly, I outgrew these by the age of 5.

I don’t think I ever really did because I feel my best when I stay away from from these common foods. I know I don’t do well on sugar as well.

The constant brain fog really wasn’t due to being tired after all.

My allergies couldn’t have been acting up all year now could they?

Our skin doesn’t just get better with age.

These changes I attribute to cleaning up my diet after listening to my body.

I believe it knew from an early age what it wanted, but let’s face it, it isn’t easy to be the kid needing the different food, so I ate what was served.

I know better now and plan ahead. I’m not self conscious or embarrassed when I need to ask the waiter a few questions, or if I simply eat ahead of time before going to a party as it is easier that way.

Is it always easy to not have croutons on a salad? No

Or to get an almond milk latte? Nope

However, feeling my best is worth it.

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