MY LIFE Day 17

I have very strong intuition and I didn’t always listen to it.

I am very impacted by the recent astrological phenomenon of retrograde, the partial eclipse and my birthday falls smack in the middle of all of this chaos.

Back in the day, I could be talked out of things if I didn’t have any proof of a situation, or if it was easier to go with what everyone else was doing or what what seemingly easier.

How do you explain to a friend that you can just tell her boyfriend is cheating? Or that of course that mutual acquaintance will let you down? “I can just tell” rarely flies.

I always had a strong feeling on how things or situations would end up.

I was never surprised when things went sideways with certain people or that I always knew what to do if I listened to my inner voice.

I never knew this was anything out of the ordinary and that everyone else didn’t have it as well.

I have learned I need to be careful of putting myself in situations where I am overwhelmed such as shopping on Black Friday, Times Square or relationships that are one sided.

I now know I need a lot of down time to replenish myself after being very social or after expending a lot of emotional energy.

It was after a trip to the Chopra center last winter that I became more aware of natural tendencies.

Then the connection to what phenomenons I once rolled my eyes at such as eclipses, retrograde and my astrological sign.

Maybe it is due to getting older that I don’t question this anymore, researching it to a point where I can understand it all on an intellectual level or meeting others that get it, I now go with it.

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