MY LIFE Day 19

Day 19 I get a ton of sleep on family vacations, and I LOVE it.

This week, I am away with my family for our annual road rip to the beach. Yesterday, I spent all afternoon in the car with with my tween daughter and we listened to a podcast the entire drive and it was “The best car trip ever”. (It was great because we had some wonderful opportunities to talk and I will do a deep dive on that later, but for now let’s get back to sleep on vacations.)

We have rented the same house for the last 6 years, for the same week in August and my kids always pick the same bedrooms. Our family pretty much go to the same handful of restaurants. There is a lot of comfort in not having to research every choice or not be sure where the best place to park will be.

It is nice to have a vacation where we simply chill. We often have very busy trips, but this is annual trip is not one. It is nice timing as the kids are getting ready to get back to school, Late August is usually a quiet time for most of the business world, so it is easier to get away and to rest up for the last 4 part of the year.

The picture I am posting is from a trip we took to the Caribbean in the Summer of 2017 when I had gotten an absurd amount of sleep the night before.

I did last night as well. I can’t wait to do it again

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