I drink a ton of water.

I pretty much stick to still water, sparkling water and various types of tea 99% of the time.

It is very rare to find me without a refillable water bottle. The side of my bed always has a glass of water and the mini green fridge in my water (what other color could it possibly be?) is filled with sparkling and still bottled waters.

I brought giant bottles of bottled water to class in High School, my kids drank only water and milk as babies and have enough water in our garage, according to my husband for a Zombie Apocalypse.

I have never been much of a juice person, I have to add too much sugar and milk to coffee to tolerate it (I can’t have milk, will go over that in a few days) and I had to give up my Diet Coke habit a few years ago (later on this week), so I have been sticking to water.

The downsides to drinking a ton of water:
-I almost always have to find a bathroom. I am better about timing these things than I when I was a kid or before I lived in an area where traffic could come out of nowhere.
-I don’t drink any water an hour before I get on an airplane just in case the light letting me get up doesn’t come on for a while. I’m not about to risk getting into it with a stewardess and having to “go” at the same time.
-I have missed important plot points at the movies due to my giant bottle of water. I don’t want to be the person asking my friend or family member questions about what I missed in crowded theater. I typically will just sit there trying to piece what the heck is going on until the next time I have to get up, which isn’t that long of a wait.

What is your go to drink???

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