I try to keep my food as boring and routine as possible- this is by design.

The less exciting I make my food, the more enjoyment I get out of my life.

Last night, I was catching up with a friend and we were going to grab dinner. I was looking forward to connecting with her, the food was a detail.

I used to be obsessed over what I ate next and I mistakenly thought that was because I was concerned about my health.

I would go to a restaurant or sit down with my family, be super focused on the food, not the company and get up from the table and feel off or bloated. This almost always led to regret and shame about how much I ate.

I have stopped engaging in this destructive habit because I am so much more interested with the people I am with than what is on my plate.

This is one of the many mindset shifts I made when I cleaned up my diet a few years ago (note I didn’t go ON a diet). I had to stop attaching emotions such as celebrating or connection with friends and food.

Photo credit Stacey Natal
Hair credit Terri Rasile Skarad

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