I try to prepare my own food and eat at home as as often as I can.

I’m currently traveling for work and rented an condo through Airbnb so I could have access to a kitchen.

So why do I do this??

1. It is only way I can have a somewhat of a handle on what is going into my food. I am lactose intolerant and a mistake on this front can be brutal.

Waiters and takeout people might mean well, but I have learned many lessons the hard way on this. I stay away from sugar and flour as a lifestyle/dietary choice. The longer the time away from these foods, the greater the impact if a label is misleading or an ingredient is forgotten on the menu

2) The more connected I am to what is going into my food, the better energetically. What we eat truly becomes our cells, our blood, our everything- so I might as well pick high quality ones versus junk food.

I would prefer my thoughts and ideas be generated from fresh vegetables and locally sourced salmon than cheez balls and cookie dough in a jar.

3. I can plan for the week ahead, so less wasted food which equates to money.

4. True portion control is an option as measuring spoons and my kitchen scale is handy. I don’t always weigh and measure everything I eat anymore, but I have for long periods of time, so I am pretty confident in how much I am eating.

Don’t misunderstand me, I will go out to restaurants and do not always love cleaning up the kitchen.

The benefits of planning ahead, and sticking to my food protocol are significant.

Photo credit Stacey Natal
Hair credit Terri Rasile Skarad

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