Life is A Beach

I have had a pretty wild 2017 and it isn’t over yet. Most of it has been fabulous do not
misunderstand me, however, it has been extreme. When I planned out my 31 days of Wellness
content for December, I couldn’t have imagined how the last few months in American Culture
would unfold. I knew I would spend time discussing stress, food, spending, planning splurges for
my video and social media pages all while weaving in Holidays themes and a little levity. I even
decided a Holiday song of the day could be a little fun.

I could not have planned the cumulative effect of how I would feel every day when I turned on
the news. I probably feel like many of you reading this when I hear of yet another famous man
having to step down due to “sexual misconduct” of some kind. Some are politicians, actors, or
news anchors. A few I always had a bad feeling about, some I barely knew of while others, I
liked in the way one can trust a stranger I have never met other than their public persona.

It is not just the constant daily scandal of what awful allegations are being made public when I
turn on the news, or check my phone, it is the wave of discussion on social media of the scandal.
The high school friends on Facebook arguing over which public official should go to jail or
simply stepping down. The analysis of the allegations, then the talking heads of experts
dissecting the apology of the most recent accused. It has almost become routine since the Fall to
have a sexual misconduct scandal erupt every couple of days.

The rise of the #metoo postings back in October brought up many feelings in me of prior
situations I have had with the opposite sex. I have spoken to many women to significantly older
than me, to my tween and we all have stories that could fall under the #metoo of inappropriate
comments, gestures, situations and so on from men. Some happened at work, others at school,
dating or even on a plane.

I have done an unusual amount of traveling since Labor Day and women in Florida to Oregon
and back again to DC all the women I befriended seem to have #metoo stories. Women I have
met in Palm Beach, Florida who are currently living in Ecuador have had a #metoo experience. I
would love to be able to write today about Holiday Stress like I had planned, but I had to be real
with everyone: #metoo is getting to me.

I am currently at a mindfulness retreat outside San Diego, California. It is a beautiful setting
and I am learning even more about my own mind/body connection. All of the participants are
women. On Wednesday morning, the conversation over our macrobiotic breakfast of lentils and
vegetables was about Matt Lauer and the shock over the allegations. Thursday, the focus shifted
to disgust over the details of the allegations and his public apology. Over the last couple of days,
every woman seems to have a #metoo story whether it be at work, at school, by her father in law
or an ex-boyfriend’s best friend.

Yesterday morning, I went to the beach for a walk and was thinking how crazy the last couple of
months have been for me and how it did not impact my food. I did not go on a giant sugar bender

or overexercise myself into oblivion as has been my pattern in years past. My weight and habits
maintained no matter what news story came over the news, the normal highs and lows of family
life or the crisis of the day with my book launch. It is possible to get a handle on our own body
when everything around us in chaos. It takes time and we need to patient and loving with
ourselves but it can be done.

My Holiday wish for everyone is for us to live in a world where we finally learn our lesson from
these wave scandals, ruined lives, and wasted opportunities. Please take a minute and imagine with
me a culture where new #metoo stories are not being created. What a gift to get this Holiday
Season!! I know I would want to give one to every man and woman I know.



Tomorrow’s Topic; The Upside Down


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